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I Think I'll Call It Morning

Gil Scott-Heron

I Think I'll Call It Morning


Performers Gil Scott-Heron (vocals)
Hubert Laws (flute)
Burt Jones (electric guitar)
Brian Jackson (piano)
Ron Carter (Elektrischer Bass)
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie (drums)

Composers Brian Jackson Gil Scott-Heron

Date of recording at about 1971


Pieces Of A Man

Gil Scott-Heron, Black & Blues

Pieces Of A Man

Record Label BGP (Beat Goes Public) / CDBGPM 274

Year of production 2014

1. The Revolutin Will Not be Televised   
2. Save The Children   
3. Lady Day And John Coltrane   
4. Home is Where The Hatred is   
5. When You Are Who You Are   
7. Pieces of a Man   
8. A Sign of The Ages   
9. Or Down You Fall   
10. The Needle's Eye   
11. The Prisoner   
12. Chains   
13. Peace   
14. A Toast to The People