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Escualo (Soul Tango Version)

Michael Zisman / Sebastien Fulgido

Escualo (Soul Tango Version)


Performers Michael Zisman (bandoneon)
Sebastien Fulgido (acoustic guitar, electric guitar)

Composers Astor Piazzolla Michael Zisman Sebastien Fulgido

Date of recording 5 November 2012 - 9 September 2013

Programme schedule

Played last 20/02/2018 18:30

Played next around 02/03/2018 at about 14:00


Soul Tango Invasion

Michael Zisman, Sebastien Fulgido, Matthieu Michel, William Evans, Wolfgang Zwiauer, Billy Cobham

Soul Tango Invasion

Record Label / MGB Jazz 12

Year of production 2013

4. Fratello   
5. In The Box   
6. Milongology   
7. Caruso   
8. Rock On, Mike !   
9. For both of You