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I Am A Fool To Want You [= I'm...]

Eric Le Lann

I Am A Fool To Want You [= I'm...]


Performers Éric Le Lann (trumpet)
Nelson Veras (guitar)
Gildas Boclé (double bass)

Composers Joel Herron Frank Sinatra Jack Wolf

Date of recording August 2012
September 2012

Programme schedule

Played last 08/04/2019 16:10


I Remember Chet

Éric Le Lann

I Remember Chet

Record Label Bee Jazz Records / BEE 057

Year of production 2013

1. For Minors Only   
2. If I Should Care   
3. The More I See You   
5. Summertime   
6. The Touch Of Your Lips   
7. Milestones   
8. Zingaro   
9. Love For Sale   
10. Angel Eyes   
11. Backtime