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The Clue

Al Fred & The The Acid Soul Connection

The Clue


Performers Al Fred & The Acid Soul Connection
Alessandra Vonlanthen (vocals)
Fred Vonlanthen (electric guitar)
Pierangelo Crescenzio (Elektrischer Bass)
Gaëtan Fama (drums)
Markus Baumer (keyboard)

Composers Fred Vonlanthen Markus Baumer Alessandra Vonlanthen

Date of recording at about 1994


Groovy Shoes

Al Fred & The Acid Soul Connection

Groovy Shoes

Record Label Dancefloor Productions / 020309

Year of production 1995

1. Leave a message
2. Thousand miles away
4. No hair
5. Maybe
7. No pretension
10. Get back (Rehearsal mix)
11. Get back (Club mix)