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Closing Time

China Moses & Raphaël Lemonnier feat. Hugh Coltman

Closing Time


Performers China Moses (vocals)
Raphaël Lemonnier (piano)
Hugh Coltman (vocals)
Fabien Marcoz (double bass)
Jean-Pierre Derouard (drums)

Composers Hugh Coltman Raphaël Lemonnier

Date of recording at about 2012

Programme schedule

Played last 15/01/2018 06:16


Crazy Blue

China Moses, Raphaël Lemonnier, Luigi Grasso, Hugh Coltman, François Biensan

Crazy Blue

Record Label Universal / 06002537184378

Year of production 2013

2. Why Don't You Do Right   
4. You're Crying   
5. The Mailman The Butcher And Me   
6. Crazy Blues   
7. Cherry Wine   
9. Work Song   
10. Hot Stuff   
11. Just Say I Love Him   
12. Move Over