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Loose Blues Booze

Cojazz meets Bruno Spoerri

Loose Blues Booze


Performers Cojazz
- Andy Scherrer (piano)
- Isla Eckinger (double bass)
- Peter Schmidlin (Drums, drums)
Bruno Spoerri (tenor sax, saxophone, Sopraninosaxophon)

Composers Bruno Spoerri

Date of recording 16 December 2011

Programme schedule

Played last 14/02/2018 01:48

Played next around 24/02/2018 at about 21:00


European Tales

Cojazz, Bruno Spoerri

European Tales

Record Label TCB The Montreux Jazz Label / 31302

Year of production 2012

3. Le déserteur
5. I Remember Jsl
6. Next Life
7. Waltz For Eric
9. Doe Eyes
10. Dammal Fäbodpsalm
12. Two Deaf Lice