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Welcome To The Party Mister Ray Charles

Heinrich "Heiri" Känzig & Charlie Mariano / Thierry Lang / Alfredo Golino

Welcome To The Party Mister Ray Charles


Performers Heiri Känzig (double bass)
Charlie Mariano (alto sax)
Thierry Lang (piano)
Alfredo Golino (Drums, drums)

Composers Heiri Känzig

Date of recording November 1994

Programme schedule

Played last 15/02/2018 14:30

Played next around 26/02/2018 at about 08:50


Grace Of Gravity

Heiri Känzig, Charlie Mariano, Thierry Lang, Alfredo Golino

Grace Of Gravity

Record Label Plainisphare / PL 1267 / 102

Year of production 1996

1. Remembering
3. A Chinese Star
4. Grace Of Gravity
6. Vienna Eighty-One = Vienna eighty-one
7. Early Snow
8. Remember September
9. Inside
10. Outside
11. Country Bass (Solo!)