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Mr. Blue Note

Hans Kennel Quintet

Mr. Blue Note


Performers Hans Kennel Quintet
Hans Kennel (trumpet)
Bruno Spoerri (tenor sax)
Remo Rau (piano)
Hans Foletti (double bass)
Alex Bally (drums)

Composers Bruno Spoerri

Date of recording 15 February 1963

Programme schedule

Played last 29/12/2018 01:12

Played next around 23/01/2019 at about 12:15


Dusty Vibes

Bruno Spoerri Allstars, Hans Kennel Quintet

Dusty Vibes

Record Label Sonorama Records / C-63

Year of production 2011

1. Moanin'
2. Eleven beat blues
3. Hadaka no shima
4. Blue n' boogie
6. Dusty vibes
8. Septet piece
9. Ballad on a row