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Blue Skies

Susie Arioli feat. Jordan Officer

Blue Skies


Performers Susie Arioli (vocals)
Jordan Officer (guitar)
Bill Gossage (double bass)

Composers Irving Berlin

Date of recording at about 2008

Programme schedule

Played last 28/10/2018 20:14

Played next around 17/11/2018 at about 23:25


Night Lights

Susie Arioli

Night Lights

Record Label World Village / WVF 479026

Year of production 2009

1. Can't we be friends   
2. Out of nowhere   
4. The big hurt   
5. How deep is the ocean   
7. The very thought of you   
8. Je bois   
9. Lumière de nuit   
10. Beyond the sea   
11. It's you or no one   
12. It could happen to you   
15. Basswalk