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Dark Nights

Peter Schärli Triofeat Glenn Ferris

Dark Nights


Performers Peter Schärli Trio
- Peter Schärli (trumpet)
- Hans-Peter Pfammatter (piano)
- Thomas Dürst (double bass)
Glenn Ferris (trombone)

Composers Peter Schärli

Date of recording 9 November 2009 (live)

Programme schedule

Played last 14/08/2018 01:23

Played next around 23/08/2018 at about 21:00


Live At The Avo Session Basel-Switzerland

Peter Schärli Trio, Glenn Ferris

Live At The Avo Session Basel-Switzerland

Record Label TCB The Montreux Jazz Label / TCB 30932

Year of production 2011

2. Ecchi
3. Fotografia
4. Two And One
5. Malinyea
6. Neustadt 27