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Pop A Note Pops

Jérôme Etcheberry & Hoozee Foozee Band

Pop A Note Pops


Performers Jérôme Etcheberry
Hoozee Foozee Band
Pierre Christophe (piano)
Raphaël Dever (Double Bass)
Mourad Benhammou (drums)

Composers Jérôme Etcheberry

Date of recording 22 November 2010
23 November 2010


Ecce Berry

Jérôme Etcheberry, Hoozee Foozee Band

Ecce Berry

Record Label Vocation Records / VP2012

1. Roy de Barataria
3. Chat Out
4. Magnolias
5. Pucker Up
6. Sweet Artee Rootee
7. Buck Up And Play
8. Ecceberry
9. Sagarbat
10. Miss V
11. Al coda
12. Tinos barbacoa
13. Hoozee Catzee Bloozee