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Take Five

Eliane Elias

Take Five


Performers Eliane Elias (woman's voice, vocals)
Romero Lubambo (acoustic guitar)
Randy Brecker (trumpet)
Marc Johnson (double bass)
Paulo Braga (percussion)
Marivaldo Dos Santos (percussion)

Composers Paul Desmond Eliane Elias

Date of recording October 2010
1 January 2011 - 31 December 2011

Programme schedule

Played last 04/01/2018 02:16

Played next around 22/01/2018 at about 12:20


Light My Fire

Eliane Elias, Gilberto Gil

Light My Fire

Record Label Concord Music Group / CPI-32761-02

Year of production 2011

1. Rosa morena   
2. Stay Cool   
3. Aquele abraço   
4. Light My Fire   
6. My Chérie amour   
7. Toda menina Baiana   
8. Bananeira   
9. Made In Moonlight   
12. What About The Heart (Bate bate)