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La Place Street

Bernard "Pretty" Purdie

La Place Street


Performers Bernard "Pretty" Purdie (Drums, drums)
Hank Crawford (alto sax)
Stanley Turrentine (tenor sax)
Cornell Dupree (Elektrogitarre, electric guitar)
Benny Green (piano)
Stanley Banks (e-bass, Elektrischer Bass)
Pancho Morales (conga)
Benny Green (piano)

Composers Stanley Turrentine

Date of recording 24 January 1997 - 26 January 1997


Soul To Jazz II

Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, Bernard Purdie's Soul to Jazz

Soul To Jazz II

Record Label Act Music+Vision / 9253-2

Year of production 1997

1. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
2. New Orleans Strutt
4. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
5. Jubilation
6. Joshua (Fit The Battle Of Jericho)
8. Theme From "Shaft"