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O nosso amor

Charlie Byrd Trio with Special Guest Ken Peplowski

O nosso amor


Performers Charlie Byrd Trio
- Charlie Byrd (guitar)
- Dennis Irwin (double bass)
- Chuck Redd (drums)
Ken Peplowski (clarinet)
Michael Spiro (percussion)

Composers Antônio Carlos Jobim

Date of recording 16 April 1991
17 April 1991

Programme schedule

Played last 12/12/2018 07:48

Played next around 29/01/2019 at about 07:55


The Bossa Nova Years

Charlie Byrd Trio, Ken Peplowski

The Bossa Nova Years

Record Label Concord / CCD 4468

Year of production 1991

3. Corcovado
5. Dindi
6. O Pato
7. The Girl From Ipanema
8. Samba d'Orpheo
9. How Insensitive
10. Wave
11. P'ra dizer Adeus