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Ain't That A Kick In The Head

Robbie Williams

Ain't That A Kick In The Head


Performers Robbie Williams (vocals)
Jim Cox (piano)
George Doering (guitar)
Chuck Berghofer (bass)
Harold Jones (drums)
Gary Grant (trumpet)
Chuck Findley (trumpet)
Wayne Bergeron (trumpet)
Jeff Bunnell (trumpet)
Andy Martin (tenor trombone)
Bruce Otto (tenor trombone)
Alex Iles (tenor trombone)
Craig Ware (bass trombone)
Gary Foster (alto sax)
Dan Higgins (alto sax)
Pete Christlieb (tenor sax)
Sal Lozano (tenor sax)
Gregory Huckins (baritone sax)
London Session Orchestra
Gavyn Wright
Steve Sidwell

Composers Jimmy Van Heusen Sammy Cahn Steve Sidwell

Date of recording at about 2001

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Swing When You're Winning

Robbie Williams, Nicole Kidman

Swing When You're Winning

Record Label Chrysalis / 7243 536826 2

Year of production 2001

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2. Mack The Knife   
3. Somethin' Stupid = Somethin' stupid   
5. It Was A Very Good Year   
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7. Well, Did You Evah   
8. Mr. Bojangles   
The Sky's The Limit (Film)
9. One For My Baby   
10. Things   
Shall We Dance (Film)
12. They Can't Take That Away From Me   
13. Have You Met Miss Jones?   
Al Jolson, Dave Dreyer
(extract:) Harry Delmar's Revels. Musical
14. Me And My Shadow   
15. Beyond the sea
15. Beyond The Sea (4.26) / Ambiance (23.49)