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In A Sentimental Mood

Claude Diallo Situation with Andy McGhee

In A Sentimental Mood


Performers Claude Diallo Situation
- Claude Diallo (piano)
- Laurent Salzard (e-bass)
- Massimo Buonanno (drums)
Andy McGhee (tenor sax)

Composers Duke Ellington

Date of recording 14 January 2010
15 January 2010

Programme schedule

Played last 21/10/2018 16:17


Claude Diallo Situation With Andy McGhee

Claude Diallo Situation, Andy McGhee

Claude Diallo Situation With Andy McGhee

Record Label Eigenvertrieb / s. n.

Year of production 2010

1. Take The "A" Train   
2. Body And Soul   
3. I'll Remember April   
5. Cotton Tail   
6. Minor Waltz   
8. You Don't Know What Love Is