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Chains Fall Off (Improvisation)

Cédric Bovet & Martin Jufer

Chains Fall Off (Improvisation)


Performers Cédric Bovet (tenor sax)
Martin Jufer (piano)

Composers Cédric Bovet Martin Jufer

Date of recording 17 April 1999
18 April 1999

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Back To The Roots

Gilliane & Sensitive, Cédric Bovet, Martin Jufer

Back To The Roots

Record Label Zamar Music / zmCD001

Year of production 1999

1. Back To The Roots (Improvisation)
2. Go Down Moses
4. Growing Up
5. Jesus Send Your Love
6. The Fellowship Of The Holy Spirit (Improvisation)
7. Accross The River (Improvisation)
8. Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho
9. Morning Peace (Improvisation)
10. My Lord What A Morning
11. Let My People Return
12. Rising On Wings Like Eagles
13. A New Song