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Taking A Chance On Love

Nicki Parrott

Taking A Chance On Love


Performers Nicki Parrott (vocals, double bass)
Harry Allen (tenor sax)
John Di Martino (piano)
Paul Meyers (guitar)
Billy Drummond (drums)

Composers Vernon Duke Ted Fetter John Latouche

Date of recording at about 2007

Programme schedule

Played last 11/01/2019 15:07


Jazz Ascona. New Standards. June 24-July 4, 2010


Jazz Ascona. New Standards. June 24-July 4, 2010

Record Label Eigenvertrieb / S.N.

Year of production 2010

2. Inside This Heart Of Mine - Catherine Russell
3. A Pizza You - Ray Gelato Giants
4. You Are My Sunshine - Shannon Powell
5. More Than Just Friends - Dani Felber Big Band
7. Hey Mr. Cabdriver - Skipper-Just-Frost
8. Davenport Blues - Bill Allred
9. Attilio - Attilio Troiano Big Band
10. Nobody's Sweetheart - Pasadena Roof Orchestra
11. Jungle Nights In Harlem - Swiss Yerba Buena Creole Rice Jazz Band
12. Fly, Charlie, Fly - Roberto Colombo
13. Calling The Children Home - Denny Ilett Jr.