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Tuxedo Junction

Swingtime Dance Arkestra

Tuxedo Junction


Performers Swingtime Dance Arkestra
- Duke Seidmann (tenor sax)
- John Service (trombone)
- David "Dave" Ruosch (piano)
- Dani Solimine (guitar)
- Kalli Gerhards (bass)
- Martin Meyer (drums)

Composers Erskine Hawkins Buddy Feyne Julian Dash William Johnson

Date of recording 1 May 2006

Programme schedule

Played last 19/07/2018 02:37

Played next around 31/07/2018 at about 20:30


Swingtime Dance Arkestra

Swingtime Dance Arkestra, Nadja Sieger

Swingtime Dance Arkestra

Record Label Eigenvertrieb

Year of production 2006

1. Easy Money   
2. De Uhreswing   
3. Azure   
4. One For Mr. Bonsai   
5. Coffeetime   
6. Through For The Night   
7. Tippin' In   
8. Mr. Sandman