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Joshua Fit the Battle

Klazz Brothers & Edson Cordeiro

Joshua Fit the Battle


Performers Klazz Brothers
- Tobias Forster (piano)
- Kilian Forster (bass)
- Tim Hahn (drums)
Edson Cordeiro (vocals)

Composers Traditional

Date of recording January 2007


Klazz Meets The Voice

Klazz Brothers, Edson Cordeiro

Klazz Meets The Voice

Record Label Sony BMG Schweiz / 88697075282

Year of production 2007

1. Girl of the Night
2. Carmen Fantastique
4. Babalu
5. Sister (Miss Celies Blues)
7. Amazing Grace
8. Ave Maria
9. Le Cygne
10. Boi Bumba
11. Air del Oeste
12. Creole Love Call
13. Good Way