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Echo Of Spring

Dave Ruosch

Echo Of Spring


Performers David "Dave" Ruosch (piano)

Composers Clarence Williams Tausha Hammed Willie "The Lion" Smith

Date of recording 26 August 1999 (live)

Programme schedule

Played last 15/10/2018 12:37

Played next around 28/10/2018 at about 05:00


Stride Summit - Tribute To Henri Chaix

Neville Dickie, Mike Goetz, David "Dave" Ruosch, Buddha Scheidegger

Stride Summit - Tribute To Henri Chaix

Record Label Downtown Records / DR 9219

Year of production 2000

1. Button Up Your Overcoat
2. Charleston Rag
3. Stealin' Apples
5. Sheik Of Araby
6. Viper's Drag
7. Jack's Blues
8. The Way I Feel Today
9. Try A Little Tenderness
13. Ain't Cha Got Music
14. Nagasaki
17. Russian Fantasy