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High Wire (The Aerialist)

Claude Diallo Situation

High Wire (The Aerialist)


Performers Claude Diallo Situation
- Claude Diallo (piano)
- Laurent Salzard (e-bass)
- Massimo Buonanno (drums)

Composers Chick Corea Tony Cohan

Date of recording 12 January 2008 (live)

Programme schedule

Played last 27/12/2018 18:14

Played next around 20/01/2019 at about 16:05


Traveling With Music

Claude Diallo Situation, Sinclaire Denzal

Traveling With Music

Record Label Eigenvertrieb

Year of production 2008

4. Foz de Iguaçu
5. Rain Over The River / Electricity In The Air
6. Alone Together
7. Ballad For Oscar Peterson
8. Bona
9. Yatra-ta