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Pete Jolly Quartet



Performers Pete Jolly Quartet
Bill Perkins (tenor sax)
Pete Jolly (piano)
Buddy Clark (Double Bass)
Mel Lewis (drums)

Composers Jon Eardley

Date of recording 9 March 1955


Quartet, Quintet & Sextet

Pete Jolly Quartet, Pete Jolly Quintet, Pete Jolly Sextet

Quartet, Quintet & Sextet

Record Label Fresh Sound Records / FSR 2241

Year of production 2007

1. Dancers in love   
2. Clickin' with clax   
4. I got it bad and that ain't good   
5. Whistle while you work   
6. Perkin'   
7. Beyond the sea   
8. I dig Ed   
9. Lullaby of the leaves   
10. Forelock   
11. Soft as spring   
12. Just for Judie   
13. If I love again   
14. Red eyes   
15. Pushin' sand   
16. I'll be in Scotland after you   
17. Jolly jumps in   
18. Pete's meat   
19. Why do I love you ?   
20. I get a kick of you   
21. Hyacinth