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Besame mucho

Fernando Fantini

Besame mucho


Performers Fernando Fantini (accordion, clarinet)
Dani Solimine (guitar)

Composers Consuelo Velázquez Sunny Skylar

Date of recording February 2003
March 2003

Programme schedule

Played last 12/12/2017 18:20

Played next around 24/12/2017 at about 01:20


Parlez-moi d'amour

Fernando Fantini, Dani Solimine

Parlez-moi d'amour

Record Label Moon Records / C 045

Year of production 2003

2. Watch what happens
4. Le plus beau tango du monde
5. Porte dorée
6. Für Esther
9. Misty
13. Parlez-moi d'amour
14. Impressions