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Ode To Billie Joe

Patty Smyth & Tom Scott

Ode To Billie Joe


Performers Tom Scott (tenor sax)
Patty Smyth (vocals)
L.A. Express
Tom Scott (tenor sax)

Composers Bobbie Gentry

Date of recording at about 1999

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Played last 15/09/2018 10:08

Played next around 20/01/2019 at about 11:05


Smokin' section

Tom Scott, Phil Perry, Patty Smyth

Smokin' section

Record Label BMG Windham Hill Records / 01934 11379 2

Year of production 1999

2. I'll still be lovin' you   
3. Cruisin' bayou   
4. Lonely one   
6. If I could cry   
7. A short visit   
8. Just takin' a walk   
9. Lost again   
10. The beat is on   
11. TCB in "E"