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Lorraine Blues

Hot Strings

Lorraine Blues


Performers Hot Strings
- Fere Scheidegger (harmonica, guitar)
- Rainer Hagmann (violin)
- Dani Solimine (guitar)
- Thomas Dürst (double bass)

Composers Fere Scheidegger

Date of recording December 2007 - at about January 2008

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Love Songs

Hot Strings, Jasmin Scheidegger, Peter Horisberger

Love Songs

Record Label Narrenschiff / NAR2008033

Year of production 2008

1. Lovely Feelings
2. Isn't She Lovely
4. Fragile
7. Bei dir war es immer so schön
9. Nuages
11. Swinging Cats
12. Ballade für Toni und Elsi
13. After Midnight
14. Back Home Again
16. Erdbeeren und Caracs