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Crammed Discs is an independent record label whose output blends world music, rock, pop, and electronica. Based in Brussels, Belgium, Crammed was founded in 1980 by Marc Hollander of Aksak Maboul and has since released over 300 albums and 250 singles, working with artists from all over the world (from Western Europe and the US to the Balkans and North & Central Africa, from South America to the Middle East and Japan). Crammed Discs is run by Marc Hollander (A&R) with Hanna Gorjaczkowska (marketing, distribution & art direction) and Vincent Kenis (producer, director of the Congotronics Series).

Marc Hollander and Crammed Discs received the WOMEX award in 2004 at the World Music Expo international music trade fair, for being "one of the seminal players on the world music field.".[1] However, the label has always systematically worked with electronic music, indie pop and rock artists, and "doesn't see itself as a world music label: it just happens to enjoy working with artists from around the world, some of whom sing in languages other than English" (as stated in the label's manifesto).[2] Crammed has been described as "one of the most boldly eclectic independent labels around" (Pitchfork),[3] as "innovative and groundbreaking" [4] and "visionary",[5] a.o. for steadily avoiding to confine its roster "to one, potentially homogeneous category" and encouraging artists with plural identities to create new forms of music.[6]

Crammed Discs' latest signings include Chicago band Allá, indie pop act Lonely Drifter Karen (from Vienna and Barcelona), London-based Moroccan electronic artist U-cef, Congolese band Staff Benda Bilili, musician/composer/producer Mocky, Belgian band Hoquets, Belgo-Congolese rapper Baloji, Belgian-Colombian band La Chiva Gantiva, French-American artist Maïa Vidal, US bands Skeletons & Megafaun and, most recently, South African/Dutch band SKIP&DIE, Belgian band Amatorski, Lebanese singer Yasmine Hamdan and Argentinian artist Juana Molina.

In 2011, Crammed Discs celebrated its 30th anniversary by setting up the Congotronics vs Rockers project, a "superband" including ten Congolese and ten indie rock musicians (including members of Konono No1, Deerhoof, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Kasai Allstars, Skeletons, Juana Molina and Vincent Kenis), who collaborated to create a common repertoire and performed at 15 major festivals and venues in ten countries.[7][8][9][10][11]


Because of the diversity of the label's output since its early days in the 1980s, its founders chose to create several sub-labels.[12] This policy was discarded during the latter part of the 1900s, because Crammed felt that genre-blending had finally become acceptable.[13]

  • Made To Measure[14]

A composers' series specializing in instrumental and ambient music, soundtracks and works commissioned for films, ballets etc.. Notable artists are: Hector Zazou, Arto Lindsay, John Lurie, Minimal Compact and Fred Frith. 36 volumes were released between 1984 and 1995.

Launched in 1988, this electronic music label was A&R'd by DJ Morpheus (aka Samy Birnbach) and Marc Hollander. 47 albums and numerous singles were released, ranging from early new beat to downtempo, techno, house and hip hop, by artists such as Snooze, Juryman, Carl Craig, Tek 9, DJ Morpheus, Kevin Saunderson and Telex. SSR is short for Sampleur & Sans Reproche.

This 'avant dance' sub-label was A&R'd by Tony Thorpe (aka The Moody Boyz). 10 albums and 22 singles/EPs were released between 1995 and 1999, by artists including Buckfunk 3000 (Si Begg) and Circadian Rhythms (a band led by ex-This Heat member Charles Bullen).

Launched in 1998 in collaboration with Brazilian A&R/Producer Béco Dranoff, Ziriguiboom's aim was to present original and as-yet-unexposed aspects of Brazilian music to international audiences. It quickly became one of the global hubs for the new wave of Brazilian music, and has brought Crammed its biggest commercial success to date with Bebel Gilberto's debut album Tanto Tempo (which sold one million units worldwide).[18] Ziriguiboom also signed and released albums by artists such as Celso Fonseca, Cibelle, Zuco 103, Trio Mocotó, Bossacucanova, DJ Dolores, Apollo Nove and the late Suba.

Crammed also had several specialized and one-artist sub-labels:

  • Cramworld (for contemporary and archival world music releases)
  • Selector (specialized in drum and bass)[19]
  • Cramboy (for Tuxedomoon's releases) [20]
  • Furax (released Belgian comedians Les Snuls)
  • The Congotronics Series

Currently the only subsiding Crammed Discs imprint, Congotronics is not a sub-label per se, but a collection of releases by Congolese bands who play their own respective styles of electrified traditional music (such as Konono No1 and Kasai Allstars).[21] The series is curated and produced by Vincent Kenis.

Discography (albums)


  • Aksak Maboul: Un Peu de l'Âme des Bandits, with Chris Cutler and Fred Frith (LP 1980, CD reissue in 1995)


  • Aksak Maboul: Onze Danses Pour Combattre la Migraine (originally out in 1977, released on Crammed in 1981, CD reissue in 2003)
  • Minimal Compact: Minimal Compact (mini-album, 1981, reissued on CD as part of One+One By One)
  • Band Apart: Band Apart (mini-album)
  • Family Fodder: Greatest Hits


  • The Honeymoon Killers: Les Tueurs de la Lune de Miel
  • Des Airs: Lunga Notte (mini-album)
  • Hermine: The World On My Plates
  • Benjamin Lew/Steven Brown: Douzième Journée: le Verbe, la Parure, l'Amour


  • Minimal Compact: One By One (1983, reissued on CD as part of One+One By One)
  • Band Apart: Marseille
  • Zazou Bikaye+CY1: Noir Et Blanc


  • Made To Measure Vol.1, feat. Aksak Maboul, Benjamin Lew, Minimal Compact, Tuxedomoon
  • Blaine Reininger/Mikel Rouse: Colorado Suite
  • Minimal Compact: Deadly Weapons
  • Karl Biscuit: Regrets Eternels (1984, re-released in 2003 as part of Secret Love - Compiled Electropop Works)


  • Zazou Bikaye: Mr Manager
  • Peter Principle: Sedimental Journey
  • Tuxedomoon: Holy Wars
  • Minimal Compact: Raging Souls
  • Tuxedomoon: Half Mute (originally out on Ralph Records in 1980, reissued on Crammed in 1985)
  • Hector Zazou: Géographies
  • Karl Biscuit: Fatal Reverie (1985, re-released in 2003 as part of Secret Love - Compiled Electropop Works)
  • Nadjma: Rapture In Baghdad, feat. Adrian Sherwood


  • Surfin Dave and The Absent Legends: In Search of a Decent Haircut
  • Various Artists: Fuck Your Dreams, This Is Heaven, feat. members of Tuxedomoon & Minimal Compact playing covers of 1960s/1970s songs
  • Colin Newman: Commercial Suicide
  • Tuxedomoon: Desire (originally out on Ralph Records in 1981, re-issued on Crammed in 1986)
  • Benjamin Lew/Steven Brown: A propos d'un paysage
  • Tuxedomoon: Ship of Fools
  • Mikel Rouse: A Walk In The Woods
  • John Lurie: Stranger Than Paradise (original soundtrack from the Jim Jarmusch film)
  • Mahmoud Ahmed: Ere Mela Mela (originally released 1975-76, released on Crammed Discs in 1986, and re-issued as part of the Ethiopiques series in 2000)
  • Hector Zazou: Reivax au Bongo


  • Minimal Compact: The Figure One Cuts
  • Tuxedomoon: You
  • Minimal Compact: Lowlands Flight
  • Sussan Deyhim & Richard Horowitz: Desert Equations
  • Yasuaki Shimizu: Music For Commercials
  • John Lurie: Down By Law (original soundtrack from the Jim Jarmusch film)
  • Daniel Schell & Karo: If Windows They Have
  • Karen Finley: The Truth Is Hard To Swallow
  • Tuxedomoon: Suite en Sous-Sol/Time To Lose/Short Stories (originally out in 1982 and 1983, re-issued on Crammed in 1987)


  • Bel Canto: White Out Conditions
  • Colin Newman: It Seems
  • Sonoko: La Débutante
  • Benjamin Lew: Nebka
  • Tuxedomoon: Pinheads on the Move


  • Minimal Compact: Live
  • Zazou Bikaye: Guilty
  • Dominic Sonic: Cold Tears
  • Peter Principle: Tone Poems
  • Samy Birnbach/Benjamin Lew: When God Was Famous
  • Various Artists: Sampleur et Sans Reproche (SSR compilation)
  • Bleep (aka Geir Jenssen aka Biosphere): The North Pole By Submarine


  • Bel Canto: Birds Of Passage
  • Hector Zazou: Géologies
  • Steven Brown/Delphine Seyrig: De doute et de grâce
  • Peter Scherer & Arto Lindsay: Pretty Ugly
  • Zelwer: La fiancée aux yeux de bois
  • Foreign Affair: East On Fire
  • Fred Frith: The Top Of His Head
  • Gabor G.Kristof: Le cri du lézard
  • Steve Shehan: Arrows
  • Daniel Schell & Karo: Le Secret de Bwlch
  • Tuxedomoon: Divine, soundtrack for a Maurice Béjart ballet (1982, reissued on Crammed in 1990)


  • Dominique Dalcan: Entre l'étoile et le carré
  • Classic Swede Swede: Toleki Bango (Miles Ahead)
  • Taraf de Haïdouks: Musique des Tziganes de Roumanie
  • Ramuntcho Matta: Domino One
  • Bobvan: Loonychip Classics
  • Michel Moers: Fishing Le Kiss
  • Seigen Ono: Nekonotopia Nekonomania
  • Zap Mama: Zap Mama (retitled Adventures In Afropea for the US release, 1991)
  • Hector Zazou: Sahara Blue feat. John Cale, Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Sylvian...


  • Bel Canto: Shimmering Warm and Bright
  • David Cunningham: Water
  • Various Artists: Roots Of Rumba Rock 1 (1953-54) (1992, reissued with vol.2 as a double CD in 2006)
  • The Gruesome Twosome (Samy Birnbach & Bertrand Burgalat): Candy For Strangers
  • Les Snuls: Les Snuls, bien entendu


  • Sainkho (Saynkho Namchylak): Out of Tuva
  • Bobvan: Water Dragon
  • Various Artists: Roots Of OK Jazz (1993, reissued in 2006)
  • Brion Gysin: Self-Portrait Jumping
  • Tuxedomoon: Solve et Coagula
  • Benjamin Lew: Le Parfum du Raki
  • Lone Kent: Granite & Sand
  • Avalon: Earth Water Air Fire


  • Ramuntcho Matta: 2 l'Amour
  • Various Artists: "Freezone 1: The Phenomenology Of Ambient" (2CD)
  • Zap Mama: Sabsylma
  • Dominique Dalcan: Cannibale
  • Taraf de Haïdouks: Honourable Brigands, Magic Horses & Evil Eye
  • Solar Quest: Orgship
  • Various Artists: Around The Day in 80 Worlds, compiled by DJ Morpheus aka Samy Birnbach
  • Purna Das Baul & Bauls Of Bengal
  • Various Artists: Jungle Vibes
  • Various Artists: Renegade Selector


  • 4hero Parallel Universe
  • John Lurie National Orchestra: Men With Sticks
  • Harold Budd & Hector Zazou: Glyph
  • Various Artists: Freezone 2: Variations On A Chill, compiled by DJ Morpheus aka Samy Birnbach (2 CD)
  • Various Artists: Miscellaneous (Language compilation)
  • Various Artists: Jungle Vibes 2 (Selector compilation)
  • Various Artists: Roots Of Rumba Rock 2 (1954-55) (1995, reissued with vol.1 as a double CD in 2006)
  • Bio Muse: Wrong
  • Zelwer: Les dieux sont fâchés/The Gods Are Angry
  • Aural Expansion: Surreal Sheep


  • Tek 9: It's Not What You Think It Is !!?!
  • Snooze: The Man In The Shadow
  • Various Artists: Freezone 3: Horizontal Dancing, 23 exclusives by Herbert, Kruder&Dorfmeister, Carl Craig...(2CD)
  • Various Artists: Miscellaneous, The 2nd Edition (Language compilation)
  • Endemic Void Equations
  • Hugo: La Formule
  • Aural Expansion: Remixed Sheep
  • Various Artists: Moving House, compiled by DJ Geoffroy aka Mugwump
  • Various Artists: Junglized (Selector compilation)
  • Various Artists: The Deepest Shade Of Techno, compiled by 4hero (2CD)
  • Ziryab Trio: Mashreq Classics


  • Carl Craig More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art
  • Barbara Gogan with Hector Zazou: Made On Earth
  • Various Artists: Freezone 4: Dangerous Lullabies, 22 exclusives by Basement Jaxx, Rhythm And Sound, Thievery Corporation...(2CD)
  • Juryman vs Spacer: Mail-Order Justice
  • Tuxedomoon: The Ghost Sonata (1991, reissued on Crammed in 1997)
  • Koani Orkestar: L'Orient est rouge
  • Elixir: Alien Rainbow
  • Meira Asher: Dissected
  • Q-Moog: The Arc Of Blueness
  • Subject 13: The Black Steele Project
  • Tao: Esoteric Red
  • Various Artists: Moving House 2, compiled by DJ Geoffroy aka Mugwump
  • Various Artists: Lysergic Factory, compiled by DJ Morpheus


  • Taraf de Haïdouks: Dumbala Dumba
  • Buckfunk 3000: First Class Ticket To Telos
  • Auto Repeat: The Unbearable Lightness Of Auto-Repeating
  • Circadian Rhythms: Internal Clock
  • Various Artists: Freezone 5: The Radio Is Teaching My Goldfish Ju-Jitsu, 21 exclusives by Shawn J.Period, Jigmastas, Joe Claussell... (2CD)
  • Bossacucanova: Revisited Classics
  • Telex: I Don't Like Music, a collection of remixes
  • Various Artists: Moving House 3, compiled by DJ Geoffroy aka Mugwump
  • Various Artists: If U Can Beat 'Em, Break 'Em, compiled by DJ Morpheus
  • Various Artists: Phax'n'Phixion, The Nu Hip Hop Underground, compiled by DJ Morpheus
  • Various Artists: Junglized 2 (Selector compilation)
  • Various Artists: The Family Album, exclusive tracks by artists on the Language label
  • Kevin Saunderson: Faces & Phases (2CD)


  • Telex: I Don't Like Music 2, a collection of remixes
  • Meira Asher: Spears Into Hooks
  • Various Artists: Freezone 6: Fourth Person Singular, 22 exclusives by Alex Gopher, Stacey Pullen, Mark Pritchard... (2CD)
  • Zuco 103: Outro Lado
  • Phosphorus: Pillar Of Salt
  • Various Artists: Brasil 2mil - The Soul Of Bass-O-Nova
  • Suba (Mitar Suboti): São Paulo Confessions
  • Niko Marks & Eddie Fowlkes: City Boy Players
  • Various Artists: Moving House At Food Club
  • Various Artists: Tags Of The Times 2.0
  • Various Artists: The Beyond Real Experience, produced and compiled by DJ Spinna
  • Various Artists: Electric Kingdom - New Skool Breaks & Electro
  • Various Artists If It's Not 100% U.K. Hip Hop You Can Have Your Money Back, compiled by Tony Thorpe & Dave Watts


  • Bebel Gilberto: Tanto Tempo
  • Sandy Dillon & Hector Zazou: 12 (Las Vegas Is Cursed)
  • Tek 9: Simply
  • Juryman: The Hill
  • Le PM: Les Petits Chefs
  • Sussan Deyhim: Madman of God
  • Various Artists: In My Bag, compiled by DJ Morpheus


  • Taraf de Haïdouks: Band of Gypsies
  • Zuco 103: The Other Side of Outro Lado
  • Various Artists: Freezone: Seven Is Seven Is, 23 exclusives by Cibelle, Kid Koala, Tim 'Love' Lee... (2CD)
  • Trio Mocotó: Samba Rock
  • Various Artists: Samba Soul 70
  • Snooze: Goingmobile
  • Bossacucanova: Brasilidade
  • Bebel Gilberto: Tanto Tempo Remixes


  • Koani Orkestar: Alone at my Wedding
  • Suba (Mitar Suboti): Tributo
  • Zuco 103: Tales of High Fever
  • Juryman: Escape To Where
  • Sussan Deyhim/Bill Laswell: Shy Angels
  • Various Artists: Ziriguiboom: The Now Sound Of Brazil


  • Electric Gypsyland 1 (Taraf de Haïdouks and Koani Orkestar reinterpreted by Señor Coconut, Mercan Dede, Arto Lindsay & more)
  • Cibelle: Cibelle
  • Celso Fonseca: Natural
  • Benjamin Lew: Compiled Electronic Landscapes
  • Zuco 103: One Down, One Up (2CD)


  • Bebel Gilberto: Bebel Gilberto
  • Tuxedomoon: Cabin In The Sky
  • Tuxedomoon: Seismic Riffs (DVD)
  • Mahala Rai Banda: Mahala Rai Banda
  • Trio Mocotó: Beleza! Beleza!! Beleza!!!
  • Bossacucanova: Uma Batida Diferente
  • Konono Nº1: Congotronics
  • Minimal Compact: Returning Wheel (3-CD box set, including new remixes and rarities)


  • Celso Fonseca: Rive Gauche Rio
  • Bebel Gilberto: Bebel Gilberto Remixed
  • Apollo Nove: Res Inexplicata Volans feat. Cibelle, Seu Jorge etc.
  • DJ Dolores: Aparelhagem
  • Zuco 103: Whaa!
  • Cibelle: About A Girl EP (CD/DVD dualdisc)
  • Various Artists: Ziriguiboom: The Now Sound Of Brazil 2
  • Taraf de Haïdouks: The Continuing Adventures Of... (DVD+CD)
  • Congotronics 2, Buzz'n'Rumble in the Urb'n'Jungle, feat. Konono No.1, Kasai Allstars, Basokin... (CD+DVD)


  • Tartit Abacabok
  • Think Of One: Trafico
  • Cibelle:The Shine Of Dried Electric Leaves
  • Electric Gypsyland 2 (Taraf de Haïdouks et al., reinterpreted by Tunng, Animal Collective, Nouvelle Vague, Susheela Raman & more)
  • Tuxedomoon: 'Bardo Hotel Soundtrack
  • Hugo: La Nuit des Balançoires
  • Wise In Time: The Ballad of Den The Men
  • Various Artists: Roots Of Rumba Rock 1+2 (195355) (originally out in 1992 and 1995, reissued as a 2CD in 2006)


  • Tuxedomoon: Vapour Trails
  • Tuxedomoon: 77o7 TM (The 30th Anniversary Box) (3CD+1DVD)
  • Bebel Gilberto: Momento
  • Taraf de Haïdouks: Maskarada
  • Flat Earth Society: Psychoscout
  • Balkan Beat Box: Nu Med
  • Think Of One: Camping Shaabi
  • Shantel Disko Partizani!
  • Konono Nº1: Live At Couleur Cafe
  • Various Artists: Sex & The Single Rabbit (a 2-volume compilation of Crammed electronic music tracks, digital-only)


  • Kasai Allstars In The 7th Moon, The Chief Turned Into A Swimming Fish...
  • Koani Orkestar: The Ravished Bride
  • DJ Dolores: 1 Real
  • Allá Es Tiempo
  • Balkan Beat Box: Nu-Made (CD+DVD)
  • Lonely Drifter Karen Grass Is Singing
  • U-cef: Halalwood
  • Hector Zazou & Swara: In The House Of Mirrors


  • Staff Benda Bilili Tres Tres Fort
  • Bossacucanova: Ao Vivo (DVD+CD)
  • Mocky Saskamodie
  • Shantel:Planet Paprika
  • Chicha Libre: Sonido Amazonico!
  • Les Tueurs de la lune de miel (aka The Honeymoon Killers): Special Manubre (originally out in 1977, reissued in 2009)
  • Akron/Family Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free
  • Megafaun Gather, Form & Fly
  • Flat Earth Society: Cheer Me, Perverts
  • Zeep People & Things


  • Konono N°1 Assume Crash Position
  • Lonely Drifter Karen: Fall Of Spring
  • Balkan Beat Box: 'Blue Eyed Black Boy
  • Cibelle: Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel
  • Axel Krygier: Pesebre
  • Various Artists: The Roots Of Chicha 2
  • Radioclit Presents: The Sound Of Club Secousse (African Dance Music Anthems)
  • Tradi-Mods vs Rockers: Alternative Takes on Congotronics feat. Deerhoof, Andrew Bird, Juana Molina, Micachu, Glenn Kotche & more (2CD)
  • Megafaun: Heretofore


  • Skeletons: People
  • Taraf de Haïdouks & Koani Orkestar: Band of Gypsies 2
  • Hoquets: Belgotronics
  • Various Artists: The Karindula Sessions (CD+DVD)
  • Tuxedomoon: Unearthed, previously-unreleased music and videos (CD+DVD)
  • Megafaun: Megafaun
  • The Real Tuesday Weld: The Last Werewolf
  • La Chiva Gantiva: Pelao
  • Maïa Vidal: God Is My Bike
  • Baloji: "Kinshasa Succursale


  • Zita Swoon Group: Wait For Me
  • Lonely Drifter Karen: Poles
  • Balkan Beat Box: Give
  • Jagwa Music: Bongo Hotheads
  • Chicha Libre: Canibalismo
  • Staff Benda Bilili: Bouger Le Monde (sept 2012)
  • SKIP&DIE: Riots In The Jungle (oct 2012)


  • Amatorski: TBC (+ Same Stars We Shared)
  • Maïa Vidal: Spaces
  • NYNKE: Alter
  • Yasmine Hamdan: Ya Nass
  • Cibelle : "UNBINDING"
  • SKIP&DIE : "Remixed Riots"
  • Amatorski : re:tbc"
  • Brown Reininger Bodson : "Clear Tears | Troubled Waters" (features Steven Brown, Blaine L. Reininger and Maxime Bodson)
  • Juana Molina : "Wed 21"


  • La Chiva Gantiva: Vivo
  • OY: No Problem Saloon
  • Amatorski: from clay to figures
  • Tuxedomoon: Pink Narcissus

Crammed Samplers

  • It's A Crammed, Crammed World 1 (LP, 1984)
  • It's A Crammed, Crammed World 2 (LP, 1987)
  • The World According To Crammed (CD, 1993)
  • Crammed Global Soundclash 80-89 (2 separate CDs, or box set including bonus material, 2003)
  • 20 Ways To Float Through Walls, a selection of tracks released between 2001 & 2007 (CD, 2007)
  • It's A Crammed, Crammed World 3, tracks from 2008/2009 (CD, 2009)
  • Crammed Walks With The Animals, tracks with titles containing animal names (CD, 2011)
  • Crammed Goes To The Movies, tracks from or inspired by films (CD, 2011)

Awards and nominations


  • Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration (USA): Konono No1 (with Herbie Hancock) (2011)
  • Songlines Award for Best Group (UK): Staff Benda Bilili (2010)
  • Womex Artist Award of the Year: Staff Benda Bilili (2009)
  • Womex/World Music Charts Europe (EBU) Label Of The Year: Crammed Discs (2009)
  • BBC Awards for World Music (UK): Konono No1 (2006)
  • BBC Awards for World Music (UK): Shantel (2006)
  • Edison Award (The Netherlands): Taraf de Haïdouks (2006)
  • World Music Charts Europe (EBU) Label Of The Year: Crammed Discs (2005)
  • Womex Award of the Year: Marc Hollander and Crammed Discs (2004)
  • BBC Awards for World Music (UK): Think Of One (2004)
  • Mobo Award (Music Of Black Origin) (UK): Bebel Gilberto (2004)
  • BBC Awards for World Music (UK): Taraf de Haïdouks (2002)
  • Edison Award (The Netherlands): Zelwer (1991)


  • Grammy Awards (USA): Konono No1 (2007)
  • Grammy Awards (USA): Bebel Gilberto (2001, 2004 and 2007)


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