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Anna-Catherine Hartley (born December 9, 1987), better known by her stage name Uffie (IPA: /fi/), is a Paris-based underground[1] electronic musician, rapper, fashion designer and socialite signed to French electronic music record label Ed Banger Records. She has been described as a muse for French DJs,[2] and is known for working with her labelmates and friends, Feadz, Mr. Oizo and SebastiAn, as well as producer Mirwais. She was briefly married to French graffiti artist André Saraiva during 200809.

She is perhaps best known for her single "Pop the Glock", as well as "Tthhee Ppaarrttyy", her 2007 collaboration with labelmates Justice. Her recent live performances have been described as Warholian.[2][3]

In 2010, Uffie released her debut album Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans,[4] which was included on Drowned in Sound's 50 best albums of the year[5] and was nominated in the French Victoires de la Musique for Best Electronic Album.[6][7] Also in 2010, Uffie celebrated the release of her 12-piece capsule collection with clothing brand, Diesel.[8]


Uffie was born Anna-Catherine Hartley in Miami, Florida,[9] but moved to Hong Kong with her family at the age of four. She lived in Hong Kong for most of her childhood, and was greatly influenced by the city.[10] Uffie's name comes from the French words Un Oeuf (which means "an egg"), a nickname her father gave her as a child for being rebellious.[11] In her teens Hartley moved with her mother to Fort Lauderdale and then to Miami where she was arrested for vandalism at the age of 15, her mother then sent her to Paris to live with her father.

Hartley studied fashion in Paris and attended the International School of Paris near the famous Rue de Passy. In 2005 Uffie booked DJ Feadz for a party she was organizing, and the two began a relationship shortly after. Feadz constantly pressured Uffie to provide vocals for some of his tracks and finally in late 2005 Uffie wrote "Pop the Glock" and released it as a Myspace demo. Record label Arcade Mode gave the song a limited promo release in January 2006 with the B-side "Ready to Uff" which Feadz's labelmate Mr. Oizo produced. Soon after the release Uffie was signed to the French electronic music label Ed Banger Records by Busy P. In a 2008 interview, Uffie explained her relationship status. She and Feadz had broken up earlier that year. Uffie then began dating graffiti artist/photographer André Saraiva and the two were married in August 2008. The couple divorced in the summer of 2009, before the birth of their daughter Henrietta[12] in October 2009. She took a brief hiatus from work, which gave her time to find herself and mature as an artist[13] and finally finish her full-length debut album, Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans.[4]


2005-2008: Early years

In early 2005, DJ Feadz, who was Uffie's boyfriend at the time convinced her to provide vocals on his track "Uffie & Me" for his EP Forward 4, which was when she began to develop an interest in making music. Later that year she wrote and recorded "Pop the Glock", which was produced by Feadz and began to shop the demo around to various record labels. "Pop the Glock" became her first single and was given a limited promo release on Arcade Mode in January 2006. Busy P, the owner of Ed Banger Records, heard the single and quickly signed both Uffie and Feadz to the label. "Pop the Glock" and its B-side "Ready to Uff" were both given an official release titled Pop the Glock/Ready to Uff on February 27, 2006 through Ed Banger Records. Both songs contained elements of electro and rap. The release also featured a remix by SebastiAn.[14]

In February 2007, the song "Dismissed" was included on Ed Rec Vol. 2, an Ed Banger Records label compilation. Two more new tracks from Uffie, "Hot Chick" and "In Charge" were first proliferated through audioblogs in July 2006. Then in November, they were released together on her EP Hot Chick/In Charge on Ed Banger Records. In June 2007, the EP, Suited and Looted was released by Ed Banger Records. The release included the single "First Love" and "Brand New Car". Electronic duo Crystal Castles featured vocals sampled from Uffie on the track "Make It Hott", although it was never officially released, it can be found through various audioblogs. Also in 2007, Uffie collaborated with labelmates Justice for their debut album, , on the song "Tthhee Ppaarrttyy".[15]

Uffie contributed the song "Robot Oeuf" to the compilation Ed Rec Vol. 3, released on May 26, 2008. It was also included in the soundtrack to Pedro Almodóvar's 2009 film Broken Embraces, starring Penélope Cruz.[16] In late 2008, she worked with Mr. Oizo on the track "Steroids", which was released on Mr. Oizo's album Lambs Anger. A remix of "Steroids" was also included on Mr. Oizo's 2009 EP Pourriture.

Her music style has been described as being "often performed in a wannabe English accent" with "a deliberately staid anti-flow delivery that walks a fine line between electro and nu-skool rap."[17]

2009: Hiatus and album news

Her record label Ed Banger Records first stated in late 2006 that her debut album would be released mid-to-late 2007, then sometime in 2008.[10] Her debut album, titled Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans, was released June 15, 2010 in Europe and June 22, 2010 in the United States.

There was a contract-conflict between Uffie and Lou Reed as to who would be credited as the writer of the title track "Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans". The song uses an instrumental sample of The Velvet Underground's 1970 song "Rock & Roll" and the only way Lou Reed would allow her to use the sample was by receiving the credit as the writer of the song as well. This dispute delayed the album by about six months and Uffie notoriously labeled Lou Reed as "fucking difficult"[18] and when asked if he had heard the song, she stated, "Yes he has, he had to clear it. And it was a very not nice experience dealing with him, I have to say. I don't know what this guy's problem is but on the credits I think it even says something like he wrote it. He gets everything."[19]

The video was shot on the set of the Academy Award-winning 1997 film Boogie Nights[20] and was directed by Nathalie Canguilhem. It debuted on the internet in October.[21] Soon after the music video release, "Pop the Glock" was re-released as an EP on November 30, 2009 as promotion for her then-upcoming album, reaching number 89 in France.[22] The new release includes three remixes from highly acclaimed producers Mirwais, Felix da Housecat and Ellen Allien.[23] After all this hype, British newspaper The Guardian featured Uffie as "new band of the day" on October 8, 2009 and announced that Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans would be officially released in the spring of 2010 and that she had covered a version of Siouxsie and the Banshees' 1978 song "Hong Kong Garden", which was included on the album.[24]

2010present: Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans

Uffie confirmed through her official Facebook page that Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans would be released on June 15, 2010 in Europe by Ed Banger Records.[25] It was also confirmed in early April 2010 that Uffie had signed with major label Elektra Records to distribute her work internationally who released Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans on June 22, 2010.[25]

Uffie and Mr. Oizo teamed up once again on "MCs Can Kiss", the first single from Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans. The single was released digitally on January 12, 2010 and was officially released as a 12" vinyl on February 1, 2010 through Ed Banger Records.[26] "MC's Can Kiss" received overwhelmingly positive reviews describing it as "an old school soundclash of heavy beats and sharp rhymes" and "shows off the French-American's ballsy schtick to full effect."[27] "MCs Can Kiss" peaked at number 97 on the French Singles Chart.[22] A remix of "MC's Can Kiss" from the Beastie Boys member Mike D became available online March 11, 2010, as a free download from Uffie's website.[28]

During an interview on February 12, 2010 on BBC Radio 1's Kissy Sell Out Radio Show, Uffie premiered a new track called "Illusion of Love". Uffie produced this track along with Mirwais, being the first song Uffie ever produced. The song features guest vocals from Mattie Safer, formerly of the band The Rapture. Uffie explained that "Illusion of Love" is much more mature than her previous work and is by far the slowest track she has ever made.[29] Also instead of rapping, Uffie sings on the track which is described as "'Ray of Light' by Madonna on acid" and filled with "all sorts of electro goodness."

On April 15, 2010, "ADD SUV" premiered on BBC Radio 1. The song features Pharrell Williams and was produced by Mirwais. A music video began to shoot for "ADD SUV" starring both Uffie and Williams on April 9, 2010 and was released shortly before her debut album release. The single received extremely positive reviews from the New York Post,[30] Prefix Magazine[31] and Spin.[32] Also, with so much anticipation around "ADD SUV", the song debuted at number one on The Hype Machine.[33] Around this time, two new tracks from the upcoming album leaked, both "Ricky" and "Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans". It was also announced that "ADD SUV" would be released as an EP (including remixes by Armand Van Helden and Hudson Mohawke) on May 17, 2010, prior to Uffie's debut album release.[34] "ADD SUV" charted at number six on the UK Independent Singles Chart.[35]

Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans peaked at number seven on both the French Digital Albums Chart and the Belgian Heatseekers Albums Chart.[36][37] It then stayed on the French Albums Chart for a total of 12 weeks.[37] In the US, it reached number 17 on the Dance/Electronic Albums and number 32 on the Heatseekers Albums.[38] It also peaked at number 18 on the UK Dance Albums Chart and number 31 on the UK Independent Albums Chart.[39][40] Singles "MCs Can Kiss", "ADD SUV", "F1rst Love" and "Pop the Glock" also managed to chart in various countries such as France, Japan, Belgium and the UK.

Also in 2010, Uffie, who was originally studying to be a fashion designer in Paris, announced her partnership with clothing brand, Diesel to design a collection which is described as "12 pieces combining leather and denim with intriguing cuts and mixed materials" and will be available worldwide in November 2010.The collection had been designed by Uffie together with the Diesel Creative Team, under supervision by the companys founder Renzo Rosso. [8] Then DJ and long time friend Steve Aoki invited her, along with Kid Cudi, Lil Jon, Weezer and Sky Ferreira to provide vocals for an upcoming track on his next album, which should be out in 2011.[41]

Ed Banger Records next confirmed through their Facebook page that Uffie's next single to be released would be, "Difficult" produced by Uffie's fellow labelmate and friend SebastiAn.[42][43] It was later announced that "Difficult" would be released as an EP on October 18, 2010 through Ed Banger Records, Elektra Records and Because Music, containing remixes from SebastiAn and Azari & III. A music video for the single was released on October 6, 2010 and was directed byFrench filmmakers AB/CD/CD.[44] The remix provided by SebastiAn, titled "2006 Parties Remix", was released to critical praise and reached number one on The Hype Machine the day of being released.[45]

Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans was placed at number 35 on Drowned in Sound's list of the 50 best albums of 2010.[5] The album was also included as one of the top albums of 2010 by several other publications, including CHARTattack,[46] WBEZ,[47] QRO Magazine,[48] Indiana Daily Student,[49] and WTSR,[50] among others.

The Fred Falke remix of "Illusion of Love" was included on the soundtrack to the 2011 film Sucker Punch.[51] Uffie's cover of Tom Tom Club's 1981 song "Wordy Rappinghood", produced by labelmate DJ Mehdi, was released digitally on April 18, 2011 through Ed Banger Records, Because Music and Elektra Records.[52]



  • Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans (2010)

EPs and singles

  • Pop the Glock/Ready to Uff (2006)
  • "Hot Chick"/"In Charge" (2006)
  • "F1rst Love" (2007)
  • "Tthhee Ppaarrttyy" (Justice featuring Uffie) (2009)
  • "Pop the Glock" (re-release) (2009)
  • "MCs Can Kiss" (2010)
  • "ADD SUV" (featuring Pharrell Williams) (2010)
  • "Difficult" (2010)
  • "Wordy Rappinghood" (2011)

Music videos

  • "Pop the Glock" directed by Nathalie Canguilhem (2009)
  • "ADD SUV" directed by Nathalie Canguilhem (2010)
  • "Difficult" directed by AB/CD/CD (2010)


  • "Pop the Glock" on Ed Rec Vol. 1 (2006)
  • "Dismissed" on Ed Rec Vol. 2 (2007)
  • "Robot Oeuf" on Ed Rec Vol. 3 (2008)
  • "Robot Oeuf" on Broken Embraces Soundtrack (2009)
  • "Illusion of Love (Fred Falke Remix)" (Sucker Punch Soundtrack, 2011)


  • "Uffie & Me" (Feadz featuring Uffie) (Forward 4 EP, 2005)
  • "Tthhee Ppaarrttyy" (Justice featuring Uffie) (, 2007)
  • "Body Bass (Curtis Vodka Blend Mix)" (2008)
  • "Make it Hott" (Uffie vs Crystal Castles) (2008)
  • "Fais Rentrer Les Euros" (M.I.T.C.H. featuring Uffie & Feadz) (2008)
  • "Steroids" (Mr. Oizo featuring Uffie) (Lambs Anger, 2008)


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