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Ezio (band)

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Ezio (band)

Ezio is a folk music band from Cambridge, England formed in 1990. Ezio have eight studio albums, one compilation album, four live albums and three videos / DVDs, built up a large fanbase without breaking into the mainstream of the British music scene. Ezio Lunedei is the lead singer and main composer, Mark "Booga" Fowell plays guitar, Lidia Cascarino plays bass, "The Reverend" Lee Russell plays percussion, steel guitar and a variety of other instruments, and Alex Reeves plays the drums. The band vary their touring routine depending on the venue - some gigs will feature all five members in the line-up, whereas some gigs in smaller venues will have just Ezio and Booga.[1]

One of their tracks were chosen by Tony Blair for his Desert Island Discs selection.[2]


Studio Albums

  • The Angel Song (1993) - Salami Records
  • Black Boots on Latin Feet (1995) - Arista Records
  • Diesel Vanilla (1997) - Arista Records
  • Higher (2000) - Salami Records
  • The Making of Mr. Spoons (2003) - Eagle Records
  • Ten Thousand Bars (2006) - Tapete Records
  • This Is the Day (2010) - Tapete Records
  • Adam and the Snake (2014) - Tapete Records

Compilation Albums

  • Lost and Found (Volume 2) (2006) - Salami Records

Live Albums

  • Live at the Shepherds Bush Empire (1999) - Salami Records
  • Live:Cambridge (2004) - Salami Records
  • Das Bootleg - Live in Mannheim (Part 1) (2008) - Salami Records
  • Ten Thousand Bars - Live (2008) - Tapete Records


  • Ezio Live (1996) - Salami Records
  • Live at the Shepherds Bush Empire (1999) - Salami Records
  • Live at the Junction (2005) - Salami Records


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