What A Little Moonlight Can Do

Terence Blanchard & Jeanie Bryson

What A Little Moonlight Can Do


Interpreten Terence Blanchard (trumpet)
Bruce Barth (piano)
Chris Thomas (Double Bass)
Troy Davis (drums)
Jeanie Bryson (vocals)

Urheber Harry Woods Miles Goodman

Aufnahmedatum 20. Oktober 1993
27. Oktober 1993
29. Oktober 1993


The Billie Holiday Songbook

Terence Blanchard

The Billie Holiday Songbook

Label Columbia / 475926 2

Produktionsjahr 1994

1. Detour ahead
2. Nice work if you can get it
3. Solitude (In my)
5. Good morning heartache
6. I cried for you
7. Don't explain
8. Fine and mellow
9. I cover the waterfront
10. Left alone
11. Strange fruit
12. Lady sings the blues