Cotton Tail

Ella Fitzgerald & Ben Webster

Cotton Tail


Interpreten Ella Fitzgerald (vocals)
Ben Webster (tenor sax)
Stuff Smith (violin)
Paul Smith (piano)
Barney Kessel (guitar)
Joe Mondragon (bass)
Alvin Stoller (drums)

Urheber Duke Ellington

Aufnahmedatum 4. September 1956


Ben Webster's Finest Hour

Ella Fitzgerald, Ben Webster, Billie Holiday

Ben Webster's Finest Hour

Label Verve / 543 808-2

Produktionsjahr 2000

1. See You at the Fair
2. Hotter Than 'Ell
3. The Ghost of Dinah
6. Linger Awhile
7. Stardust
9. My Greatest Mistake
10. La Rosita
11. Sunday
12. While We're Dancing
13. Blues for Mr. Broadway
14. Chelsea Bridge
15. Roses of Picardy
16. Single Petal of a Rose