Days Like This

Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings feat. Georgie Fame

Days Like This


Interpreten Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings
Bill Wyman (e-bass)
Georgie Fame (vocals)
Albert Lee (guitar)

Urheber Mose Allison

Aufnahmedatum 1998


Anyway The Wind Blows

Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings

Anyway The Wind Blows

Label RCA (Radio Corporation Of America) / 74321 59523 2

Produktionsjahr 1998

1. Anyway the wind blows
2. Spooky
3. Walking one and only
5. Too late
6. Every sixty seconds
7. Ring my bell
9. He's a real gone guy
10. A true romance
11. Gee baby ain't good to you
12. When Hollywood goes black and tan
13. Crazy he calls me
14. Struttin' our stuff