A Lover's Question

Lou Rawls & Phoebe Snow

A Lover's Question


Interpreten Lou Rawls (vocals)
Phoebe Snow (vocals)
Tom Pomposello (slide guitar)
Joe Lovano (flute)

Urheber Brook Benton Jimmy Williams Richard Tee

Aufnahmedatum 13. April 1992 - 3. Oktober 1992


Portrait Of The Blues

Lou Rawls, Phoebe Snow

Portrait Of The Blues

Label Manhattan / 7 99548 2 7

Produktionsjahr 1992

1. I just want to make love to you   
3. Person to person   
5. I'm still in love with you   
6. Snap your fingers   
7. Baby what you want me to do   
8. Suffering with the Blues   
10. Chains of love   
11. My babe   
13. Save your love for me   
14. Saturday night fish fry   
15. Sweet slumber