You Go To My Head

Bud Powell Trio

You Go To My Head


Interpreten Bud Powell Trio
- Bud Powell (piano)
- Tommy Potter (Double Bass)
- Roy Haynes (Drums, drums)

Urheber John Fred Coots Haven Gillespie J. Fred Coots

Aufnahmedatum 8. August 1949


Bouncing with Bud

Bud Powell Trio, Bud Powell, Bud Powell Quintet

Bouncing with Bud

Label Dreyfus / FDM 36725-2

Produktionsjahr 2000

1. Strictly confidential
3. Ornithology
4. I'll keep lovin' you
5. Tempus fugit
7. Cherokee
8. All God's Chillun Got Rhythm = All god's chillun got rhythm
9. I'll Remember April
10. Everything happens to me
11. Back Home Again In Indiana
12. I should care
13. Nice work if you can get it
14. Off minor
15. Bud's bubble
16. Somebody loves me
17. Bouncing with Bud
18. Wail
19. Dance of the infidels
20. 52nd Street Theme = Fifty-second Street Theme