More Than This

Norah Jones & Charlie Hunter Quartet

More Than This


Interpreten Charlie Hunter Quartet
Charlie Hunter (electric guitar)
John Ellis (tenor sax)
Steven Chopek (drums)
Chris Lovejoy (percussion)
Norah Jones (vocals)

Urheber Bryan Ferry

Aufnahmedatum ca. 2001


Songs From The Analog Playground

Charlie Hunter Quartet

Songs From The Analog Playground

Label Blue Note / 533 550 2

Produktionsjahr 2001

1. Street sounds   
2. Rhythm music rides again   
3. Mighty mighty   
4. Mitch better have my bunny   
6. Desert way   
7. Run for it   
8. Spoonful   
9. Close your eyes   
10. Percussion shuffle   
11. Creole   
12. Sunday morning   
13. Day is done