What A Difference A Day Made

Natalie Cole

What A Difference A Day Made


Interpreten Natalie Cole (vocals)
Rob Mounsey (piano, keyboards)
Bucky Pizzarelli (guitar)
David Finck (double bass)
Chris Parker (drums)
Bashiri Johnson (percussion)
Big Band

Urheber María Grever Stanley Adams Rob Mounsey

Aufnahmedatum 1996



Natalie Cole, Nat King Cole, Janis Siegel


Label Elektra / 7559-61990-2

Produktionsjahr 1996

Wake up and live. Film (extrait) (Film)
1. There's A Lull In My Life
3. Let's Face The Music And Dance
4. Teach Me Tonight
5. When I Fall In Love
7. Love Letters
8. He Was Too Good To Me
9. Dindi
11. If Love Ain't There
12. To Whom It May Concern
13. Where Can I Go Without You
14. Ahmad's Blues
15. Pick Yourself Up
16. If You Could See Me Now
17. Like A Lover
18. This Morning It Was Summer