Come One, Come All

Nils Landgren

Come One, Come All


Interpreten Nils Landgren (trombone)
Sharon Dyall (vocals)
Jeanette Köhn (vocals)
Jessica Pilnäs (vocals)
Ida Sand (piano, vocals)
Jonas Knutsson (saxophones)
Johan Norberg (guitars, kantele)
Eva Kruse (bass)

Urheber Jonas Knutsson Sharon Dyall

Aufnahmedatum 18. Dezember 2017 - 20. Dezember 2017


Christmas With My Friends VI

Nils Landgren, Sharon Dyall, Jessica Pilnäs, Ida Sand, Johan Norberg, Jeanette Köhn

Christmas With My Friends VI

Label Act Company / 9872-2

Produktionsjahr 2018

1. Christmas Is
3. Who Comes This Night
4. Wie soll ich dich empfangen
5. Little Drummer Boy / Peace On Earth
7. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?
8. The Story Of Christmas
9. I Have A Dream
10. Merry Christmas Baby
11. Christmas Lullaby
12. When This Night Is Over
13. I'd Like You For Christmas
14. Hymn No III
15. Den signade dag
16. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing