Little Joe From Chicago

Home Cookin' feat. Brenda Boykin

Little Joe From Chicago


Interpreten Home Cookin'
- Brenda Boykin (vocals)
- Anthony Paule (guitar)
- Tim Wagar (e-bass)
- Tyler Eng (drums)

Urheber Mary Lou Williams Andy Kirk

Aufnahmedatum ca. 1997

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Home Cookin' Featuring Brenda Boykin

Home Cookin', Brenda Boykin

Home Cookin' Featuring Brenda Boykin

Label Blue Dot Records / BDR CD 102

Produktionsjahr 1997

1. Ila Mae
2. Lover Please
3. Last Night
4. Tickle Me
5. She'll Have To Go
6. Goodbye So Long
7. Don't You Lie To Me
8. Since I Met You Baby
9. What A Price
11. Aw Shucks, Hush Your Mouth
12. T For Texas
13. Road I Choose
14. That's Alright Mama