Cheek To Cheek

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

Cheek To Cheek


Interpreten Tony Bennett (vocals)
Lady Gaga (vocals)

Urheber Irving Berlin

Aufnahmedatum 2014

Im Programm

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Cheek To Cheek

Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga

Cheek To Cheek

Label UMI / Interscope / 0602537998845

Produktionsjahr 2014

1. Anything goes   
3. Don't wait too long
4. I can't give you anything but love   
5. Nature boy
6. Goody goody
7. Ev'ry time we say goodbye
8. Firefly
9. I won't dance
10. They all laughed
11. Lush life
12. Sophisticated lady
13. Let's face the music and dance
14. But beautiful
15. It don't mean a thing (if it ain't got that swing)
16. On a clear day (you can see forever)
17. Bewitched bothered and bewildered
18. The lady is a tramp