Traveling Groove Merchant

Kristin Korb feat. Bruce Forman & Jeff Hamilton

Traveling Groove Merchant


Interpreten Kristin Korb (vocals)
Bruce Forman (guitar)
Jeff Hamilton (drums)

Urheber Jerome Richardson Kristin Korb

Aufnahmedatum 23. Oktober 2012
24. Oktober 2012

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What's Your Story?

Kristin Korb, Bruce Forman, Jeff Hamilton

What's Your Story?

Label Double K Music / s.n.

Produktionsjahr 2013

1. Will You Still Be Mine   
2. Flamingo   
4. Doralice   
5. What's Your Story Morning Glory   
7. Them There Eyes   
8. Moments Like This   
9. Red Wagon   
10. Green Dolphin Street   
11. Always Searching For My Baby   
12. I Wanna Be Loved