Detour Ahead

John Stein & Ron Gill

Detour Ahead


Interpreten John Stein (double bass)
Ron Gill (vocals)
Gilad Barkan (piano)

Urheber Lou Carter Herb Ellis John Frigo

Aufnahmedatum 10. April 2009 - 16. April 2009

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Turn Up The Quiet

John Stein, Ron Gill

Turn Up The Quiet

Label Whaling City Sound / WCS 051

Produktionsjahr 2009

1. A Weaver of Dreams   
2. Be My All   
4. My Flaming Heart   
5. Love Dance   
6. Our Love Will See Us Through   
7. If It s Magic,Too Shy To Say   
8. Something In Your Smile, I ll Be Easy To Find   
9. So This Is Love   
10. In A Sentimental Mood   
11. Gentle Rain   
12. My Foolish Heart   
13. When I Fall In Love   
14. Wonder Why