I'm Gonna Tell You This Story One More Time

Béla Fleck And The Marcus Roberts Trio

I'm Gonna Tell You This Story One More Time


Interpreten Béla Fleck (banjo)
Marcus Roberts Trio
- Marcus Roberts (piano)
- Rodney Jordan (double bass)
- Jason Marsalis (Drums, drums)

Urheber Marcus Roberts

Aufnahmedatum Dezember 2011

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Across The Imaginary Divide

Béla Fleck, Marcus Roberts Trio

Across The Imaginary Divide

Label Rounder / 11661-9142-2

Produktionsjahr 2012

1. Some Roads Lead Home
3. Across the Imaginary Divide
4. Let Me Show You What To Do   
5. Petunia
8. Let's Go
9. Kalimba
10. The Sunshine and the Moonlight
11. That Old Thing
12. That Ragtime Feeling