Last Two Dollars

Ron Cartel And The House of Mojo

Last Two Dollars


Interpreten Ron Cartel (vocals)
House of Mojo
- Roland Glauser (organ, piano)
- Patrick Geser (electric guitar, slide guitar)
- Duncan James (electric guitar)
- Gabriel Spahni (bass guitar)
- Richard "Doc Spoons" Spooner (drums)
Unknown (horns, background voice)

Urheber Unknown

Aufnahmedatum ca. 2010

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I Hurt Everybody

Ron Cartel, House of Mojo

I Hurt Everybody

Label Eigenvertrieb / s .n.

Produktionsjahr 2010

1. Introduction
2. House Of Mojo
4. Bluesville
5. God Moves On The Water
6. Chazz Is Dead
7. My World
8. I Hurt Everybody
10. Don't Make The Monkey Drunk
12. Last Shirt (Outro)