Free To Be Me

Darren Rahn

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Interpreten Darren Rahn (tenor sax, drumcomputer, keyboards, alto sax)
Jeff Lorber (synthesizer, piano, wurlitzer piano)
Frank Selman (electric guitar)
Mel Brown (bass)

Urheber Darren Rahn

Aufnahmedatum ca. 2009

Im Programm

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Talk Of The Town

Darren Rahn

no cover present

Label NuGroove Music / NUG-2024-2

Produktionsjahr 2009

1. Tale Of Two Cities
2. What Cha' Gonna Do For Me
3. Talk Of The Town
4. Secret Crush
6. With You By My Side
7. Forget Me Nots
8. Tell Me What You Want
9. Easy Does It
10. Duplicity
11. I Can't Go For That
12. Our Love